In [Nat’s] Hands: Bangai-O Spirits

We’ve given this Bangai-O Spirits a little air time in the past. I’ve picked it up at Target for $15. (They have a cheap DS section now, $10-$20.) From Wikipedia: “Bangai-O Spirits is a side-scrolling shooting game with free-scrolling levels that extend horizontally and vertically. The player controls a robot with the ability to fly, but is still affected by gravity. He has seven weapons to choose from, and can perform melee attacks using a baseball bat or sword.”


  1. I’ve got Bangai-O on the DC. I should fire it up some time.

  2. DC? As in Dreamcast?

    Why did I not know of this, a Treasure game on the DC?

  3. So I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one. What’s been your experience?

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