LucasArts on Steam

I actually screamed, “WHAT?!?” when I read this at my desk: LucasArts will be on Steam starting July 8. I was just lamenting not having a copy of my 5th greatest PC game of all time. It’s time to return to The Dig. (Funny LucasArts titles take four of my top five.) If priced right, I might get Republic Commando as well. No word on Tie Fighter or the other X-Wing games.


  1. I’m very tempted by this. Give me a Monkey Island pack and I’m sold.

    I just found a CD case with a pile of Lucasarts games in it, including the Dig. Now I wouldn’t mind having another copy of Grim Fandango as I have NO idea where mine has wandered off to. Most of the Star Wars games don’t interest me, as I either played them sufficiently or don’t want to play them, but I’d love some of the space-flight sims to come back out again.

    Of this current batch, the only one I’m really interested in grabbing is LOOM, as I never did play through that thing in the past.

  2. Dagnabbit. $10 for Loom and The Dig, guaranteed to work on my lappy and PC? No disc required?


  3. Steam is eventually coming to the Mac, right? These kinds of games would be perfect for when I’m on these long business trips.

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