Section 8 Demo

Another game I’ve had my eye on is Section 8 from Southpeak Interactive. In many ways it seems to emulate Robert Heinlein’s vision of Starship Troopers. I guess I’m not following the game closely enough because it was to my surprise to see a demo on X-Box Live this week.

Sadly, they’re not going to let me touch the story, but there is a very satisfying instant action mode that reminds me a lot of the Battlefield style games but with more of a Halo setting. Dropping in from orbit is an absolute scream and I love how they implemented it. I do find the game a bit overwhelming at times and perhaps it needs a tutorial. On the other hand, just blundering around the battlefield was still a lot of fun and I see a lot of potential for this game. We’re way overdue for a new IP in the FPS arena and I think this is a contender.

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