In my hands

Guitar Hero 5 arrived in the mail yesterday. First impression to follow.


  1. I believe this has avatar support?

    That and maybe five songs on the setlist excite me about this game.

  2. Avatar support, can import downloaded songs from World Tour, and anyone can play any instrument at any time. That part was pretty sweet.

    I only played for about half an hour last night. If Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was a giant middle finger to fans who didn’t like the changes in Guitar Hero III, then Guitar Hero 5 reads more like an apology letter so far.

  3. All I want to know is how Sultans Of Swing is to play. The rest of the game can go burn in a fiery pit, but I need to know how Dire Straits does as a playable tune.

  4. By the way, “85 songs by 83 artists” is actually a pretty crappy selling point. For example, tell me the game has Johnny Cash is interesting to me, but with that selection it means he’s got ONE song on there.

    Plenty of songs I do like, but still not a good selling point.

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