Team Fortress 2: Good Behavior

From the Team Fortress 2 blog, “Over the next few days we’ll be removing all TF2 items that were earned using external idling applications. We’re going to adopt a zero tolerance policy for external applications used to manipulate the persistent item system… If you’re interested, only about 4.5% of the players in TF2’s community will be affected by this cleansing process.”

The issue players had with the game was the random item/hat drop rates for the game were so low that a hat is a really rare thing to get. Whenever someone received a hat on a server it was broadcast server-wide and there were congratulations aplenty given and venom-filled spitefully jealous remarks thrown about.

“Meanwhile, everyone who took the moral high road will soon be finding a new hat in their inventory. ”

That new hat is a Halo with a level 1 Aura of Incorruptibility. I think that this was a smart way to punish those who chose to exploit the game and reward those who played the game as it was supposed to be played. Considering all of the harsh criticism that valve gets, with this move it seems to be pretty fair in my opinion. But I wonder what everyone else thinks. I know there are a ton of people who complain that they paid for the game and should be able to play it however they want to. While others say using third party programs to exploit the game is wrong and whoever did so is just paying the consequences now.

I for one will be thoroughly enjoying my halo while laying the smack down on the corrupt. šŸ˜‰

P.S. BONK!!!


  1. That is pretty clever. I remember guys who would bot Pindleskin (in Diablo 2) over and over. That drove me crazy. Good to see you weren’t one of the “idlers”!

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