With all the crap I spouted about the Halo being franchised being milked and stale a few days back, Iíll succumb to this awesomeness. Point. Halo. RSS readers come to the site or check the comments for the video.


  1. That is an awesome video.

    You know what else was an awesome video? The Halo 3 diorama. And do you know how much of a bearing that had on the actual game?


    I’m at a point where I am in awe of the great marketing that is put behind the Halo games but the fact that the ads elicit more of an emotional response than the games is kind of sad.

    Maybe ODST will hew a little closer to the spirit of this ad (it helps when you’re not an invincible supersoldier) but I doubt it.

  2. I agree with Brock. Couldn’t put it any better.

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