Cast Off Your Dream: Re-Volt

Does the Dreamcast have enough voltage to play a racer? We find out in Day 6 of our salute to influential or fun games on the beloved console.

I may get some flak for this recommendation but Re-Volt is a fun game to play. It didnít feature stellar graphics, an amazing soundtrack, or audio effects. It wasnít even a system exclusive as it appears on PCs and every major console at the time.

revoltDC1 What the game did offer was incredibly fun four player split-screen play. It did this well before the latest two iterations of Mario Kart.

Take the original NES title RC Pro Am and let the wild and crazy (and now defunct) developers at Acclaim redo it and this is what you get. Basically, you race an RC car across tracks made out of household objects and youíre the first to cross the finish line. Along the way, players may come across some voltage icons to run over that would dish out random weapons.

Personally, it wasnít that fun to play alone, but this may have been one of the first games I played in a party setting and had a blast. Hence, my first party game.

The game is still available for all those old systems, and it can easily be found for the Dreamcast. However, the PC version is now considered to be abandonware and it can be found doing a simple Google search.

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