Are any other buttonmashers getting this game? I will be picking up the Steam version.


  1. Dang it. I was going to wait. Now I might not.

    Steam too if I do.

  2. Yeah, I’m grabbing it for sure. And I’m about 99.999% sure I’m getting the 360 version. The art style looks amazing and I’d rather see it on my 50″ TV versus my 17″ monitor.

    (and I suck with the mouse/keyboard combo, as strange as that may sound)

  3. I still have the 360 version on my Gamefly list so I can compare the two.

    My decision to go with the PC ended up being a financial one, since I got it for $33.75 versus $59.99 on the 360. I will miss those achievements. I hope the PC version’s higher framerate and (supposedly) better graphics make up for that loss.

  4. I’m going to wait. The game has been through too many changes and I can’t tell if there is enough of an RPG vs. FPS to make a difference. I’m all shootered out right now.

  5. Gamefly already shipped a copy to me. It looks like I’ll be playing the 360 version before the PC version. And since I’ll be getting a brand new “used” copy, I just may end up keeping it.

    (The same thing happened with Burnout Paradise, which cost me a whole $35 to keep)

    • This is how I usually get new releases at a “discount”. I forgot to send something back this time around, so I’ll be paying the full price today.

  6. I couldn’t resist the $38 deal that Walmart Canada is running on the game.

    I have the 360 version and will be putting a bit of time into it tonight, though I’ll probably wait until after I finish Uncharted 2 before I truly delve into the world of Pandora.

  7. Okay, if a couple people are already picking it up, we’ll definitely need some co-op nights ASAP. I prefer to play a game a couple hours before I wander online, but let’s plan a Buttonmashing Borderlands Night sometime soon.

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