Weekend Gaming!

Man, it’s the weekend again! Where did the week go? Who cares?

This weekend should probably be all about Borderlands, but I am still sitting on a copy of Fight Night Round 4 from Gamefly, so I should probably at least make a token attempt at playing it before I send it back to. There’s something about boxing that instantly relieves a little stress, so I may play that to let off some steam (but I’m not really stressing at the moment, so who knows.)

Speaking of Gamefly, I also picked up a copy of Halo Wars on a whim during their most recent sale. I got it for a song, so I’m in no rush to play it, but if Borderlands gets boring (pshaw, as if) then I’ll give HW a try.

What’s on your gaming agenda this weekend?


  1. I’m trying to finish off Uncharted 2. I also spent today setting up my brand new surround system so I’ll probably be tweaking that for a chunk of the weekend and watching some loud movies 🙂

    If I finish off Uncharted 2, I expect to sink time into either Borderlands or Demon’s Souls.

  2. Heh. I picked Halo Wars from Gamefly as well. We should co-op on it. It’s actually not that bad. My favorite Halo game.

    I’ll be putting in some “get over this dang sickness” as well as some Half-Minute Hero in 30 second increments of course.

    I’m also playing Uncharted number one. Yeah. Take that all you early adopters.

    I cannot get Forza 3 so my son and I are planning on a Forza 2 afternoon tomorrow. My other son (who’s four) and I are putting in some bowling and “light savior swords” (Wii Sports Resort) tomorrow evening.

  3. My weekend will be ruled by Borderlands 360, unless I get bored of soloing through it. I can see the game getting tiring while playing alone, so I need to get into a coop game.

    I’m also in for Halo Wars. I really enjoy that game, but don’t know many people who have it. I particularly enjoy teaming up with others to fight the AI in a skirmish mode.

  4. I was hoping to play some more TF2 on the pc and maybe some runes of magic. Maybe some more 007 on the xbox.

    Not sure if i’ll get to any of it though. = (

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