Weekend Gaming

Another weekend is here and there is plenty of gaming to be done. What’s in your queue for the weekend?

I had hoped Gamefly would have shipped Forza 3 in time for the weekend, but it’s not looking promising. So it will be Borderlands and Torchlight for me. Maybe a few Batman Arkham Asylum challenges or a few missions in Mass Effect. Little bit of this, little bit of that. Spice of life and what not.

What about you?


  1. I look forward to logging some quality time with Borderlands. I saw a good comment in a review that says it is “good bordering on great”, and it’s a fair assessment. The game definitely has its weak points, but it’s hard to deny that it is simple fun to play.

    The side quest functionality feels a lot like Sacred 2, which is something I really appreciated about the game. One of the few games where they could incorporate side quests without disrupting the main storyline, something even a dedicated RPG like Fallout 3 struggled with.

    Who knows, aside from Guitar Hero: Van Halen with the boys, I may not play anything else.

  2. I will hopefully be playing some Runes of Magic . I’m working on my Druid/Warden which is now 22/15.

    Whenever I’m not playing that I’ll be playing some TF2 and showing off my new Halloween hat to everyone.

  3. Torchlight.


    Maybe some more of that.

    Borderlands has taken a little bit of a back-burner. (The loot just doesn’t come fast enough.)

    Plus my 400dps rifle is awesome. I’m going to play this game in each class.

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