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Hold Onto Your Wallets!

Look out, everyone.

It looks like Steam is rolling out the sales over the next five days and every day will have a new batch of sales.

Just when I thought I’d finished spending money this year!

The Auditorium is Open

Remember this flash-based game? My wish was that it would come out for the DS. However, almost a year later it was bought by EA and brought to the iPod/iPhone. At $2.99 for the first 5 acts (30 levels), it’s wonderful. I now have my Thanksgiving travel game. It’s only a $3 for another 90 levels. I will probably be getting those as well.

The Circle Is Now Complete

Super Mario Kart is finally being released on the Virtual Console today. My life is now complete. I can now rest in peace. I won’t be among real people for a while.

Hey buddy, could you spare some free time?

Blogging (and gaming) has been light around these parts as a lot of my free time is spent watching and writing about college football. This happens every year, college football is a love of mine and I continue to enjoy blogging about it. But now, for my team at least, the end of college football (until January) has arrived, which means my blogging load at my other site goes down and I can spend a little more time here.

There are days I wish I could do this blogging thing for a living but until that dream is realized I’m just glad to be have some free time once and a while to play some games and chat with you guys about it.

Now, for some games…

In [Nat’s] Hands: New Super Mario Bros. Wii & Assassin’s Creed II

One game is a Christmas gift so I may not get to play it until then (and has absolutely the worst name Nintendo has ever come up with) and the other is the only game I anticipated this year.



Oh, and Star Trek on Blu-Ray. This will be a first viewing for the missus. I wonder what her take on it will be.