What did you dress as for Halloween?

Chill Penguin as an ODST
I didn’t dress up for Halloween, but my Xbox Avatar did.

The ODST armor is courtesy of Halo Waypoint, which was released this weekend for those in the Preview Program. I was awarded nine Halo-related pieces of Avatar clothing for my various Halo-related achievements! I’m one of the few people who think that it is okay to spend real money on virtual clothing, but not too much; 80 MSP is a fair price for a shirt, but 400 MSP for a light saber is just too much.

I did think about buying that light saber though. Just for a second.


  1. That’s some pretty cool ways to customize your avatar. I just wish they didn’t make the avatar models look so frumpy.

    I mean this is something Master Chief would wear!

  2. Ambiguity FTW.

  3. I didn’t get anything for my avatar yet. I think I’m waiting for some more game related pieces. Or even achievement based unlockable items.

    I was tempted to get an OSU t-shirt. =)

    • After you pointed out the OSU stuff, I am considering paying real money for digital bits with no utility. This is quite a turn for me.

      I want an OSU hat!

      • I think that many 360 gamers feel the same about buying virtual clothing. But most of them eventually find that one thing that has to potential to break that stance.

        • I don’t. I want the old dashboard back. I hate having to navigate through tons of things to just play a game.

          It’s just a bunch of revolving ads. So revolutionary.

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