Curse You, Steam!

Valve got me to spend ~$30 today with their weekend deal and another surprise discount. You can get the Crysis games for 50% off (I got the first one) and the entire Overlord collection at 75% off—including the newly released this year sequel—for $10. Ten! Overlord is one of my surprise games I’ve found in recent years to be completely underrated. It’s also evil that Steam stores your credit card info now.


  1. Steam: enabling users since 2008.

  2. Wait, that $10 Overlord pack includes Overlord 2? Shazbot!

    I picked up the Crysis pack a few minutes ago. I mean, I have a rig that can crunch suns into interstellar dust… I might as well see how it fares up against Crysis 🙂

  3. Just another update, but Impulse is selling Demigod at %50 off for $15.

    Another steal.

    I’ve had too many good PC game this year. Welcome to the renaissance.

    Dawn of War II

  4. Don’t forget Dragon Age: Origins on the PC.

  5. I would have mentioned that, but I have it coming via Gamefly for the PS3.

    However, I understand that the PC version is the one to get.

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