Weekend Gaming

WOOHOO! It’s the weekend! What are you playing?

Me: Forza 3, Torchlight and maybe Halo Wars. Or Borderlands. Or both.


  1. Looks like another weekend of being glued to the PC. Dragon Age: Origins, some Crysis, Torchlight and Machinarium for me!

    And some Nostalgia on the DS for good measure.

  2. I’ll be playing some Crysis (pretty colors!) and some Resistance 2 (which I’m not impressed with yet).

    Borderlands will also make an appearance and I fear playing some Torchlight.

    I also picked up (downloaded) the Island DLC for Burnout Paradise. Some of the jumps in that pack has cause my son and I’s jaws to hit the floor.

  3. Dragon Age ate my Saturday. Might eat part of today too.

    It is also kicking my ass a lot. *reloads*

  4. More TF2…still hoping to get one of the original hats..at some point.

    Some Runes of Magic if I get more than 15 min to play.

    If the wife doesn’t mind I’ll play some Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Street Fighter IV, or even some 007 on the 360.

  5. All this Dragon Age is making me feel left out. What am I missing?

    Still haven’t thrown Forza 3 in, but I started all three of my characters in Torchlight over, starting off with the hardest difficulty. It’s much more enjoyable now.

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