Microsoft to Nat: You’re Screwed

Well, the family just acquired LEGO Rock Band. Popped it in, navigated past the main menu, and lockup with Three Red Lights. This is the second time it’s happened. Before Christmas? Wonderful. Out of warranty? Possible. We got the thing in 2006. If it is, I’m NOT GETTING A NEW ONE. Sometimes, the console company makes it easy for you to decide whether or not to buy their exclusive games. Kind of a bummer too, because we just cracked open Forza 3 and played it once.


  1. I know it’s not exactly a cheap option, but there is always switch Rock Band over to the PS3. You can probably find the original instrument bundle and game for a song.

  2. The only thing that is making me think about the $100 repair is all the Rock Band investment we’ve made. The DLC songs don’t transfer.

    I’ve found a repair guide online that I can use. It may cost me $6 total to do it.

    I’m pretty sure that my 3 year warranty is passed. says my standard warranty has expired 7/30/07. I assume this would be the 1st year of my three year warranty for 3RL. So my 3 year would expire on 7/30/09 correct?

    I can buy an arcade for $200 if I had to. I don’t know what moving the hard driver over would do.

    • Hey Nat, Rock Band DLC is playable on other systems. I was playing my RB1 and DLC tracks with Rock Band 2 on the new 360. Everything played just fine.

      Are you saying that you can’t do the license transfer thing to another console? If that is the case, it certainly sucks, but as long as you are connected to LIVE it’ll be usable.

      Or did I misunderstand the situation?

  3. Well, there’s no way I’m sending it in now.

    This sucker is in pieces. It looks like I may try giving it some new thermal paste. We’ll see how that goes. What have I got to lose now?

    In no way is Microsoft getting another console from me at this point in time.

    There might be a buttonmashing fire sale on 360 items in the near future…

    • What repair guide did you use? Can you share pictures so we can see?!

      Bummer it died on you with all your RB DLC and Forza 3. I’ve loved what I’ve played of it so far.

      By the by, moving a hard drive over from your old console to a new arcade would be a seamless transition, I don’t think you have to do anything special to get it to work.

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