Team Fortress 2: WAR! Update


I’ll let the Team Fortress 2(TF2) team describe the update themselves.

“So: how is the War update different from our other class updates?

In many ways, it’s not. Like any other class update, the War update will reveal three new weapons each for the Demoman and Soldier throughout the week, as well as some maps, achievements, and surprises, right up until the day of release, when everything we’ve been teasing goes live.”

The best thing about the TF2 developers is that are continuing to release FREE, that’s right, FREE updates. All but 3 of the classes in the game have been updated with new weapons/items, the Soldier, Demoman, and the Engineer. The updates have generally been one class vs another class and both have received their updated weapons.

The War Update is no different in that its all about the Soldier and the Demoman fighting each other. Each class will get at least 3 new weapons, but both classes are fighting through the week for one last weapon that goes to the class with the most kills of the other. So for example; the soldiers have killed 4,666,558 demomen so far and the demomen have killed 4,441,214 soldiers. As of December 14th @ 9:42 PST.

The cool thing about this whole update is that it really has changed peoples attitudes towards the classes. Some of those on “team soldier” and playing as a medic will only heal a soldier and let the demomen die in order to help the soldier win and get the fourth weapon, and vice-versa for the demomen.

The developers of TF2 definitely know what they are doing with this update. They even made a comic of the characters involved in the WAR! update, putting the acquisition of the weapons into art. The demoman has already received 2 of his 3 weapons updates which have been revealed to be The Eyelander and The Chargin’ Targe.

The casualty updates are going to be daily and from now until the end of the week there will be the reveal of what the soldier weapons are and the remaining demoman weapon. Oh, and I can’t forget the coveted 4th weapon which is causing this whole thing in the first place.

Who’ll get it in the end?

Its up to you the player to decide!!!

So get out there and kill kill kill you maggots!

I almost forgot! They are also doing a propaganda contest too! Whoever can create the best propaganda poster for either side will get a one-of-a-kind in-game item with their name on it. Very cool. Second and Third prize winners get something in-game as well, just not as cool as the first prize winner. 25 runner-ups will get the “MANN CO PRIZE PACKAGE, which isn�t one-of-a-kind but is nonetheless free.”

This is the kind of stuff that I like to see a developer doing for their game, update the game for free and in doing so feeding their rabid/devout fans.

/raises hand

Guilty as charged.

[Update: THE SOLDIERS WIN!!!!!!! The secret 7th weapon turned out to be “Gunboats” which are shoes that allow for less damage to be received when doing a rocket jump. I enjoyed the update, but I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much anxiety and impatience in waiting for an update to a game. Thanks Valve!]


  1. I followed this with a passive interest.

    Interesting what the winning item was. Also, we should know there is another item waiting in the wings.

    I don’t know if the boots will be a game changer though.

  2. OMG i am soooo stupid its so simple, the one thing the demoman and soiler have in commen is that they can expostion jump

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