In my Hands

In my (overflowing) hands:

You would think I already have enough games to play, and you would be right. Gamefly, however, would like to disagree with you and sent me a copy of Dragon Age: Origins for the 360. Of course I’m excited about this, but I really just want to play some Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands. But I’ll make the sacrifice!


  1. It’s about time. Of course, it’s for the wrong platform, but I’ll forgive you 🙂

  2. It’s an awesome game. Hope you enjoy it. I have. 🙂

    BTW the console experience is pretty enjoyable, though I can’t compare it to PC as I haven’t played the PC version.

  3. I don’t know if I could play the console version after playing the PC version. I hear they’re all great versions of the game, but there’s a level of control to the PC version that just isn’t there in the consoles that I’d miss if I were to go back. I need my panoramic view of the battle!

    • I totally understand the control aspects of the game, and not having the ability to zoom in/out on the battles is a pain, but when it comes down to either PC or 360, I’m almost always going to go with the 360 version. 50″ screen and relaxing in my big leather chair always wins out against my 17″ monitor and old office chair.

      • Brock Wager says

        Heh. That’s why I got a nice 24″ widescreen LCD monitor for my PC last year… and a new office chair. I think it’s actually more comfy than my TV gaming chair.

        It’s kind of sad that my monitor is only 8 inches smaller than my TV…

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