Violence and video games together again

Most be another one of those violent video games, right?

An Italian man who argued with his son over Sony PlayStation tactics was recovering in hospital on Monday after the teenager stabbed him in the neck with a 15-inch kitchen knife, police and hospital officials said.

What was he playing? Grand Theft Auto IV? Modern Warfare 2? God of War?

The man, identified as Fabrizio R., suffered a deep cut to the throat after his 16-year-old son, Mario, attacked him during an argument on Sunday over the soccer video game FIFA 2009.

Huh. So it wasn’t a violent video game that led to this violent outburst. My world view = shattered.


  1. Interesting. We report it as due to videogames being the cause and all the news outlets in Europe are reporting it as soccer.

    • That is interesting, because soccer fandom (especially in Europe) can be a rather violent affair. I guess the media knows how to frame the story for maximum effect.

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