Weekend Gaming

So it looks like a nasty winter storm is headed our way, expected to hit us this afternoon and blanket us with a thick layer of the fluffy white stuff. Perfect for a weekend of gaming! This weekend I will most likely be focused on playing Mass Effect 2. I’m in the thick of things (and hope to get a post up soon about it) and I’m loving it. If I do happen to take a break from it, it will probably be to play some Left 4 Dead 2 or Modern Warfare 2. I will probably have to get my Spelunky fix as well (more on that later, too).

Are you about to be barraged with the cold stuff? What are your weekend gaming plans?


  1. Mass Effect 2 all the way, my friend. Maybe a little No More Heroes 2 or White Knight Chronicles, plus some iPhone and DS gaming, but it’s all about ME2…

  2. My response to this post is late because I’m still playing it.


    It’s in the book of Proverbs that a man is a fool if he does not play it.

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