General Knoxx Arrives This Week

Giantbomb is reporting that the biggest DLC for Borderlands releases tomorrow and Thursday. It’ll be $10. Who’s in? I’ll be there via Steam. [Kotaku has screenies.]


  1. I went with the 360 version for this DLC, like I did the last two times. There is so much in this one that the previous two suddenly seem way overpriced.

  2. I still haven’t picked up the initial DLC. I want to, I really do. But when I eventually get around to it, it will be on the 360.

  3. Do not get Mad Moxxi.

    I just saved you $10.

    • Is that the one that has the Horde-like survival mode? I’ve heard it’s pretty dumb.

    • “Do not get Mad Moxxi. I just saved you $10.”

      I disagree. However, definitely leave it for last. For anyone who just got Borderlands, I’d suggest that you finish the main campaign, then get The Secret Armory. If you are still up for more Borderlands, go for Zombie Island. Finally, if you *still* can’t get enough, go for Mad Moxxi.

      I like the Underdome because it is damn hard, and it is a fun romp through an arena. The bank it provides can be useful if you are like me and have a tough time letting go of rares.

      Edit: The problem with my suggestion is that Zombie Island is geared toward up to level 50 play, while The Secret Armory starts at 51 (Playthrough 2). I don’t know anyone who was level 50 at the end of the main campaign. If anyone were to take my advice, they would be underpowered for the Secret Armory and overpowered for Zombie Island.

      So, I’ll change my order. Main Campaign -> Zombie Island -> Secret Armory -> Underdome.

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