Blur Impressions [beta]

The Blur beta started today on the 360, and yours truly was able to score a code. Let me say this: Think Burnout Paradise + licensed cars + Mario Kart – annoying powerup randomness + the leveling mechanic of Call of Duty = the best online racing experience I’ve ever had. I knew this just fifteen minutes in. Each race is about 5 minutes long and is intense, pretty, and wonderful throughout the entire course. If they make no major changes in the negative, this is a must buy. Now to get it on PS3 or 360?


  1. When you first described it as CoD + Burnout I was intrigued. Then I watched the video and became interested. Add in the MK and leveling and I am sold. I’ll be grabbing it on the 360, of course.

    What’s the release date?

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