Has Wii Sword Play Arrived? [Red Steel 2 Impressions]

I picked up Red Steel 2 yesterday on a lark. I had intended to wait until mid-summer to acquire it. Weakness set in. Here are some initial impressions:

  • This is a “feel good” game. You’ll understand when you execute finishing moves with your katana.
  • Calibration and finding a control scheme that is right for you is a pain. I had to move my sensor bar below the TV, adjust the sensitivity, and experiment with how I hold the wiimote and nunchuck. you don’t really hold it like a sword–at least for me being a lefty.
  • Speaking of nunchuck, what a pain.  Ours tends to disconnect with a little bit of motion. This game encourages you to use full arm motions. Get ready to get used to the connecting wire reaching it’s full length when you swing.
  • No left handed support? Thanks, Ubisoft. I guess reversing the animations and code for the motion controls is just too much for approximately 10% of the world. I enjoy being discriminated. (Of course, this happens in a LOT of Wii and DS games anymore.)
  • Once you get it all figured out and are comfortable with a control scheme, this game really gels. The motions of the swordplay is precise and at least feels accurate–at least there’s more movement options than just swing. Oh, and this game wants you to really swing. For me, standing is not an option.
  • The gunplay/swordplay works really well.
  • The Borderlands-like cel-shaded graphics are a hoot.
  • Sound and music fits perfectly.
  • The bad guy’s lines and voice work is over the top. Think the old Lucasarts game, Outlaws. It’s funny and not annoying–yet.
  • Maybe one of the most intense openings and cutscenes that have appeared in a videogame in a long time.
  • The Asian samurai/western outlaw setting works well. I want to know more about this universe.
  • Some of the initial boss fights are a blast. Inventive.

Is the game worth $50? I cannot say for sure right now. Nitpicking aside, I’m certainly having fun with it. If you don’t have a MotionPlus controller and would like one but not want Wii Sports Resort, you may want to pick this up in the bundle.


  1. The calibration issues are not a confidence builder. I actually took Time Crisis 4 back when I couldn’t get the gun to calibrate.

    I really have high hopes for this game, but since I promised the kids I wouldn’t buy games on the Wii they couldn’t play, I’m already in a bad position. Despite it’s limitations, I really enjoyed the first game up to a point. I hate taking a pass on this one.

  2. I was one of the few that enjoyed the original (until the crack-shot ninja scientists showed up, that is). The sequel improves on every issue that the first game had. Sadly, all of Nat’s nitpicking is absolutely accurate. I think the game is worth pushing passed them.

    The nunchuk wire is my biggest beef with it. I use Nyko’s cord-free wireless adapter for my nunchuks, but it doesn’t plug into the Wii Motion Plus (mostly due to the rubber jacket that encases it).

    However, I managed to work around the wire. Luckily, it doesn’t pop out the way Nat’s does. I’ve adjusted the way I swing to prevent the wire from getting in the way. I tend to favor slightly diagonal horizontal swings in an X pattern.

    By the way, my favorite combo is shooting the enemy in the leg, then slashing their neck. The game is extremely violent for having no blood.

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