Freaking Inkies–for a freaking good time

Let it be known that I have bought more games from the App Store than any other gaming medium this year. I’ve enjoyed each and every game. The winner so far? Tilt to Live.

However, this is not about that great game (that could easily be ported to any other platform, please!). This is about Freaking Inkies. Take the charm of Plants vs. Zombies, add a little bit of de Blob, and some precise tilt controls and you get this new game.

I love this stuff.


  1. Mister… your review made us feel sooooo good that we can only but thank you a thousand times for taking the time to express yourself in such a nice way!

    Cheers from Buenos Aires,

    The Hungry Game Team

    • I’ve only had two days with it, but I’ll try and do something a little more thorough in the future.

      I’m amazed at the variety that you guys have added with such a simple concept.

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