Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills

I wonder how this virtual reality experiment would translate to the video game world:

Even in virtual-reality settings, men will take risks to impress the opposite sex.

Does playing with a girl (either in person or online, playing in a multiplayer setting) affect the way you handle yourself in-game? I know it has affected me.


  1. How about playing as a girl.

  2. Most examples I can name are ones where my in-game behavior was affected by the *person* I was playing with, with gender being a sub-factor.

    I think the #1 thing that interactions with girls online inspires in me is the desire to not be That Guy, i.e. any case where someone places great importance on the fact that so-and-so is A GIRL on THE INTERNET. This means that there’s an initial phase where I dedicate alot of conscious thought to making sure that I’m not fixating on so-and-so’s gender.

    In other words, I behave normally once I’ve verified that my normal behavior in this situation won’t involve me being an ass. 😛

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