Video Game Power Rankings #1

So I’m trying out a new, (hopefully) regular feature on the blog, the “Video Game Power Rankings.” What are the VGPR, you ask? Well, if you’re a sports fan, you’re familiar with “Power Rankings”. Done for just about any sport, on a weekly basis, Power Rankings aren’t a list of the best teams but which teams are garnering the most attention and mindshare. This is usually because they are winning (and therefore the best of the teams) but they go beyond that.

The other day, I was listening to the BS Report (a podcast by ESPN columnist Bill Simmons) and he was talking to Tim Goodman, a TV critic for the SF Chronicle, who does a similar Power Ranking, only with TV shows. I thought “why not do one for video games?” So this is a first stab a new idea. We’ll see how it goes.

The format will probably change as I do this, but the idea will be the same. The rankings will be based on a highly secret and detailed equation known only to me that will hope to capture the popularity of games and gaming topics that are occupying the mind of gamers. These topics will be gathered from blogs I’m following, conversations on Twitter and other community sources. I’ll start with a top five, but hope to build it into a top ten or even twenty. So on to the rankings:

1 (-) – Halo Reach – If you were watching TV Tuesday night, you probably saw the new HD commercial last night for Halo Reach. As if gamers weren’t excited enough for the multiplayer beta starting next Monday.

2 (-) – Ebert and games as art – This one probably would have taken the top spot if I posted it last week, but Ebert continues to claim games are not art. Bloggers and other gamers continue to disagree.

3 (-) – Splinter Cell: Conviction – The long awaited, retooled return of Sam Fisher has been met with mostly critical and financial success. I know I’m enjoying it. Even this “ill-advised” marketing stunt can’t slow down its momentum. I should have my thoughts/review up as soon as I finish the single player.

4 (-) – California’s Supreme Court A hearing about the sale of violent video games to minors bill that will. not. die.

5 (-) – Dead Rising 2 – A personal favorite here. I know it’s still three months away, but I’m getting excited. Not sure how I feel about “Case Zero” (other than “WOOHOO! Another Dead Rising game!) but Bill Harris calls it a demo.

Honorable Mention: The Korean Starcraft/Gambling scandal and Super Mario Galaxy 2’s 2D video.

This is a rough draft and I’ve noticed that it is console-heavy and absent of anything Sony related (unless you count the multi-platform games). This will change moving forward. Any suggestions or ideas where to go forward with this? Is someone else doing this already? Can you do my laundry?


  1. 6 (-) —The Passing DLC for Dead Rising 2—Only because I’ve been playing the game for the first time and have been greatly disappointed. Glad I only paid $20.

    7 (-) —The new Steam client—Out of beta and available for Mac soon.

    8(-) —Infinity Ward/Activision—I really think this should be in the top-5.

    9 (-) —Bungie/Activision—Just because it’s news-breaking.

  2. @Nat – I’m assuming you meant L4D2? I didn’t know you picked it up. What platform?

    I thought about including the IW stories, but I’m just now getting caught up with everything there. Didn’t want to look dumb 🙂

    And Bungie/Activision will most likely lead next weeks.

  3. Ah, I had Dead Rising 2 on the brain. I do mean L4D2. I got it on Steam when they had their sale last week.

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