No Power Rankings this week

I was gone for a nice, relaxing four-day weekend and now have a crazy week of work ahead of me, so there will be no Video Game Power Rankings this week. They will pick up as usual next Monday.

I do hope to get some gaming and blogging in during the week, but that remains to be seen.


  1. I’ll give you mine based on last week.

    1. Red Dead Redemption ending
    2.Red Dead Redemption free roam
    3. Red Dead Redemption
    4. Red Dead Redemption
    5. Red Dead Redemption
    6. Red Dead Redemption
    7. Red Dead Redemption
    8. >Red Dead Redemption
    9. Red Dead Redemption
    10. ModNation Racers load times

    EDIT: ordered list don’t work in the comments. Really? This theme has some great features but leaves out basic stuff.

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