Holiday Weekend Gaming

Hopefully everyone is going to have a nice holiday weekend (if you find yourself in the U.S. of A. and celebrating holidays is your prerogative). Either way, it should be an extra day for gaming, right? Besides spending time with friends and family, do you plan on getting any gaming in? Hopefully you do.

Maybe you’ll be partaking in the Steam sale (set to culminate on July 4th)? Me, I’ll be working through Mass Effect 2 (still (but I did just buy the DLC missions, so I have more to work through!)) and James and I are working our way through Halo 3 on Legendary, hunting skulls and achievements (at least I am). I’m sure we’ll get a little H3 multiplayer, as well. And BLUR! Finally I’ll have time to get around to Blur.

What will you be playing?


  1. Recently finished my second playthrough of ME2. Have to finish up the exploration of the galaxy and do the Overlord DLC (on both my characters).

    Mostly though I expect to play more LEGO Harry Potter with my wife. Good fun.

    • I was really impressed with the Overlord DLC. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m finished those missions and just started the Kasumi missions. Then it’s on to the Omega 4!

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