Video Game Power Rankings #17

Pinch hitting in for Tony this week–and it was a BIG week.

1. (-) Duke Nukem Forever – The devil woke up Friday and asked, “Who turned the air on in here?”

2. (-) PAX – This would have been at #1, but, well, DNF. It’s amazing what this show has become. Major releases are announced there now. It’s become the gaming mecca.

3. (5) Halo: Reach – moving back up the ranking because it is the Next Big ThingTM. The ads are getting prettier every day.

4. (8) Dead Rising: Case 0 – Prequel, paid demo, payquel, or whatever you want to call it. For $5, it’s one of the best things you’ll play on XBLA. I would imagine that it has convinced a lot of people to get Dead Rising 2. We’ll be yacking about it soon.

5. (-) Metroid: Other M – The game came out with very little fanfare and reviews were all over the place. That’s probably not good, or people’s perceptions of the game and franchise did not gel with Team Ninja.

6. (-) PlayStation Move – Review embargoes have been lifted and reviews are slightly above favorable. Will you be getting the wand…and the eye toy…and the accessory…and some games?


  1. Thanks for filling in, Nat. I was out of town this weekend and I appreciate the backup.

    So Duke Nukem. I’m not going to make any jokes, but I wonder if this game will capture the hearts of this generation of teenage gamers.

    I fear the PlayStation Move has too much ground to make up. HD or not, the Wii has too big of a lead.

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