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In lieu of Power Rankings this week, I just wanted to mention how crazy it’s getting (already gotten?) around the video game world. This isn’t out of the ordinary that there is a glut of games coming out around the holidays but we’ve already had a solid year already (Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Alan Wake, Starcraft 2). The rest of this year is going to be bananas.

So after I looked at what we’ve got for the rest of the year, it dawned on me that tehre’s no way I’m going to get through even a quarter of this stuff, but here it is. I’ve broken it down into three groups.

Definitely going to play

  • Halo: Reach came out yesterday and I have been really excited to finally get some “closure” to the Halo story. (Who am I kidding? This won’t be closure of any type)
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC “Lair of the Shadow Broker” has been released and has been met with extremely positive reviews. ME2 was one of my favorite games this year and I have loved all the DLC, so I’m very excited about one more story before they concentrate on ME3. Bring on the Shadow Broker.
  • Dead Rising 2 To be honest, I wasn’t really getting too excited about Dead Rising lately, but after playing Dead Rising: Case 0, I’m all in. Give me a stack of drill buckets and let me at ’em.
  • Fallout New Vegas I really don’t know where I’m going to fit time in for this but I’ll make time for this one.

Will play when there’s time

  • Borderlands DLC Zombie Claptrap Island or whatever it’s called looks cool, but our Borderlands group is still working our way through the regular game. We haven’t even made it to the older DLC yet, let alone this new stuff. But Borderlands is a game that is best consumed slowly, so I don’t have a problem taking my time with this one.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops is another game that looks great, sounds really fun and will probably suck a lot of hours out of gamer’s lives and I hope to play it some time. But I haven’t even finished Modern Warfare 2. So again, no rush.
  • Enslaved is the only game on this list that isn’t an established franchise, but I am intrigued by the setting and what looks to be interesting gameplay. When there’s time, I’ll be playing it.

Probably won’t make it but sure would like to try it out

  • Metroid: Other M has already come out (to mixed, but mostly positive reviews) and I love the Metroid franchise, I just don’t have time to get to this one. Maybe I’ll get to it. I probably won’t.
  • Super Meat Boy is a quirky (and what I understand, extremely frustrating) platformer that looks like a blast to play, but it’s just on the back-burner for me. I’ll probably download it sometime after it becomes the XBLA deal of the week and absolutely love it when I get around to play it.
  • Shank/Deathspank I grouped these together because for the longest time I thought they were one and the same. They are totally different games by totally different companies, but they look like tasty little gaming snacks.

So that is quite a list. And it doesn’t even touch on games that I normally don’t follow (Civilization 5, Assassin’s Creed, etc). What is on your list? What is your plan of attack?


  1. It’s kind of funny, because I have really found this fall to be a pretty meh list of games. There are some interesting games but in general not much more than what we’ve seen dropping rather consistently throughout the rest of the year.

    Most of the games I’m stoked for are on the handhelds or PCs this fall. There are a few games I’m interested in renting and trying though, but not nearly as many that I feel the need to run out and buy day one.

    Instead, I’m currently addicted to the latest Professor Layton, a couple of excellent PSP games (Valkyria Chronicles 2 and P3P) and Little King’s Story on the Wii from summer 2009.

    It probably helps that I just finished up a bunch of games from this year like FFXIII, RDR, Alan Wake, etc. so I feel like I’ve already had a pretty solid year of current games and now I’m in backlog mode 🙂

  2. Nothing.


    Well, maybe Epic Mickey and Assassin’s Creed.

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