Dead Rising 2 Incoming

Normally, I’d wait to post an “In my hands” post, but I am excited about the imminent arrival of Dead Rising 2 via Gamefly, so I thought I’d post this picture I came across sometime last year and have been saving it up for Dead Rising 2 posts ever since:


  1. Well I do and it’s FANTASTIC!Best combo weapon is the Rocket Launcher. Pop! As for the normal stuff I think I like the Six Shooter from one of the bosses. Man that’s a strong gun.

    • Capcom loves revolvers. The best weapon (and my favorite weapon all-time) in RE4 was the “Broken Butterfly,” an extremely powerful six shooter.

  2. I had it in my hands and put it back on the shelf. There’s an odd sense of elation and frustration in playing the DR games.

    Maybe DR:Case 0 was enough for me for a while?

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