Video Game Power Rankings #19

Okay, posting around here has been light lately (UNDERSTATEMENT!) but for your reading pleasure, here’s the last couple weeks of Power Rankings in one post.

1. (1) Halo: Reach – Still going strong in the buttonmashing household. This past week or so was a lot of Firefight. I never got into ODST’s version of the Firefight, but I am loving Firefight in Reach. Got my first Killionaire in there, too. I’ve also been working through the campaign. I NEED MORE HALO.

2. (-) Bioshock Infinite – Ten minutes of Bioshock greatness.

3. (4) Dead Rising 2 ā€“ I finished Case 0 a couple weeks ago and I am ready for Dead Rising 2. Have you played it? I know what I’ll be doing, so I don’t need to ask, “What would Chuck do?” I already know.

4. (3) Zombies ā€“ Last Power Ranking it was the 18th century. This week it’s Zombie Samurai.

5. (-) Pokemon – It’s a little old, but this is a very cool fan made “trailer” for the Pokemon Apocalypse. Speaking of Pokemon, Portrait-Dex is a pretty cool Tumblr of cartoonists creating Pokemon self portraits.

6. (-) Achievements – Two things here. I don’t know where I saw it first, but I found “Mojo,” a system to put Achievements on your site and I think I’m going to give it a try here on buttonmashing. If it’s annoying, let me know and I’ll turn it off. (All you have to do is sign up). Second: Get achievements while skiing. (Yes, I am an achievement whore)

7. (-) Free Money – Microsoft is basically giving it away. Buy 30 Imaginary Space Dollars worth of XBLA and game-add on items on the XBL Marketplace and get 10 Imaginary Space Dollars back. They also offered some ISD for renewing your Xbox Live subscription, but I’m not sure if this deal is still available or not.

8. (-) Spelunky – Speaking of XBLA, Joystiq has some screenshots of the soon-to-be on the Xbox Live Arcade, Spelunky.

9. (-) OnLive – Is this is a sign of desperation or of a solid business model?

10. (-) Team Fortress 2 – Speaking of “going free,” Team Fortress 2, the three-year-old game that has been updated more times than I can count, just added a micro-transaction (read: trickle down economics, aka drain your wallet) store.

11. (-) Jack Thompson – Hello Jack. Didn’t know you were still around. Okay, time to go back to being irrelevant.

12. (-) Hacking This iPod Nano in a Dreamcast controller is just cool

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