Weekend Gaming

Fall is in full swing (my favorite season!) which means cool, early evenings and plenty of video gaming. Hopefully this weekend brings plenty of gaming for everyone.

It doesn’t look Dead Rising 2 will be showing up for me this weekend, so I am torn between finishing the Halo: Reach campaign and picking up a new game (Enslaved is currently at the top of the list). Have you picked up anything new?

What are you playing this weekend?


  1. Pretty much a lot of Team Fortress 2. The new update is pretty sweet, the trading system made it super easy to get the things you want.

    I may play some Runes of Magic since its double exp and tp.

    Possibly some Starcraft 2 from a friend trial code. We’ll see!

    • So some PC gaming! You have to bring that Starcraft stuff over here if you load it up.

      So far, all I’ve had time for was some Final Fantasy XIII. It’s too early to say anything about the game other than, “holy crap this game is beautiful!”

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