2010 Year-end Reviews

I started this blog to talk about the games I play and maybe write a review or two when there’s time, but when that time is so short, writing a review often gets put on the back burner and I move on to a new game.

But this year I played a lot of games and I finished a lot of games. I really want to review them, so over the next few days while I’m on break, I’m going to try to write a little about each game. The games I finished this year were:

BioShock 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Mass Effect 2 (and almost all the DLC)
Metro 2033
Dead Rising 2 (and the Case Zero DLC)

I also played Halo Reach, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Quest IX, Recettear, Vindictus, Perpetuum, Fallen Earth and a ton of iPhone games. I’ll eventually get around to all of them, too.


  1. Games I finished this year:

    Halo Reach
    Mass Effect 2
    Assassin’s Creed 2

    Wow, that’s it? I need to get on the ball in 2011.

    • I really feel ashamed that as big of a Halo fan-boy as I am that I didn’t finish Halo Reach. I think that’s my first game to finish in 2011. That or Red Dead.

  2. Hola!

    I really like reading about what you guys played over the course of the year, and how many of those you finished. Personally, I’ve been trying to purchase fewer games and complete more of them than I have in the past to keep my Pile of Shame from becoming too large.

    I figure that the amount of game time I have is likely very similar to that you guys have, so I always find it interesting to be able to compare play habits.

    2010 was a record year for me, having completed:

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Dragon Age: Origins
    Fallout 3
    Halo 3: ODST
    Halo Wars
    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    …and played a healthy bit of Red Dead Redemption (I’m lost somewhere in Mexico right now… sounds like a bad B-movie).

    But I still didn’t find time to play FFXIII, God of War III, BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, or Fallout: New Vegas, all of which I bought because I love the licenses. For whatever reason I find it difficult to not buy the titles you really want to play, and then set aside the time it will take to play them.

    Anyone else have this problem? Or do you buy-as-you-go (make a purchase only after you finished the title you were just playing)?

    • Mark, I’d say you did rather well for 2010. A couple of those games were certainly not short games by any stretch of the imagination.

      I find that if I can find a game I know I’m going to play on the cheap, I’ll buy it knowing I’ll get to it eventually.

      Definitely not buy-as-you-go. More like buy-when-it’s-on-sale. Sometimes that coincides with me finishing a game, but not very often.

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