In my weekend gaming hands

I’d really like to start playing Enslaved right away, but I am really close to finish Red Dead Redemption. I really want to see how the story ends, so I may not get to Enslaved this weekend. But maybe I will. I also have wanted to try out Lord of the Rings Online ever since went free-to-play, so I may give that a whirl this weekend.

What are you playing this weekend?


  1. Finish RDR first. Enslaved is very fun and pretty and nice, but it doesn’t take very long to play through and I’d hate for you to walk away from RDR close to the end.

    I’m going to play WoW, Ghost Trick and maybe some BlOps (it came in from the rental guys and it’s actually quite fun).

  2. I loved this game. It had a great cinematic feel and the environment was unique.

    The ending? Unique too. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. I finished RDR and LOVED IT. But I haven’t got to Enslaved yet. Too much DJ Hero.

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