The 3DS will be here before you know it

I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week, but Nintendo’s new handheld, the Nintendo 3DS will be hitting US store shelves on March 27th for the ever-so-tempting price of 249$. Tiny Cartridge (one of my favorite DS sites) has a concise list of details that may be of interest.

Like I said, that $249 price tag is very tempting. So is the Resident Evil Mercenaries game (complete with HUNK!).

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Screenshot

I haven’t pre-ordered one yet, but I am strongly considering it.

Are you picking one up?


  1. I’ve already got $150 or so paid off on my 3DS. I haven’t picked up any of the DS iterations at launch yet but given that it’s the system I’ve probably played the most over the last 4-5 years, I’m stoked for the 3DS.

    • I got the DS fatty right around launch as well as the Lite but I never picked up a DSi or DSi XL. We now have 3 DS Lites in the house, so there is a DS going quite often in the house.

      If things work out, I’ll have a 3DS in my hands around launch as well.

    • My wife and I are big fans of Nintendo handhelds, so we typically get one of each iteration at launch. The DSi and DSi XL were notable exceptions; it took months before either one of those ended up in our hands.

      I have the aqua-colored one on preorder with SSFIV 3D and DOA Dimensions (Amazon lists it as a launch day title, but Nintendo’s official list does not).

  2. No, I am not pre-ordering one, or planning to pick one up anytime in the near future. Playing portable SFIV online and in 3D seems pretty cool, but I’m sure I’ll like the 3D and don’t even play that game on my consoles. I’ll wait to see how the 3DS game library develops and how good its online competitive multiplayer offerings are before I purchase this.

    • Well, one nice thing about the multiplayer offerings is that there won’t be friend codes for individual games. That much is a relief.

  3. Pass. I’ll adopt eventually.

    However, I’m not wowed by what I see and I have no desire to “fit in.” There are so many current games on the DS that are fun that don’t warrant an expensive upgrade.

    I mean, seriously, the launch lineup looks pathetic.

    I’m sure it’ll get better, but, meh.

    Another strike against it is that I’ve seen a LOT of 3D movies. Only one has ever impressed me. All of them have caused me headaches or discomfort.

    Why would I want to carry that around? Roger Ebert posted a great piece on his website why 3D doesn’t work that was written by someone in the industry.

    Google it. The guy nailed it.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but I’ve enjoyed almost every 3D movie I’ve seen. I’ve never once experienced headaches or discomfort. The movies that use 3D to add depth to the scenes, which is what the 3D in the 3DS is skewing towards, is what I really like.

      I agree that the launch line-up is kind of scanty and it is the games coming down the line that really excite me. There are a raft of technical improvements beyond just the 3D that interest me as well, such as the nicer screen and thumb stick.

    • Yeah, I saw the 3D article but haven’t had a chance to read it. But I wonder how it will apply on the small screen of the 3DS.

      I’m with Brock, though, I’ve enjoyed what 3D I’ve seen (which, admittedly, isn’t much).

    • “Pathetic” is an incredibly strong word to describe their launch day lineup. If it were full of third party shovelware, then I would agree.

      I suspect that Pilotwings, SSFIV 3D, nintendog + cats, The Sims 3 and Super Monkey Ball will be quality games.

      Out of curiosity, what would it need to be a good lineup?

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