Weekend Gaming

If I can pull myself away from DJ Hero (so good!) than I’m planning on finally getting into Enslaved. I also restarted Final Fantasy XIII so I don’t want to go cold with that game. And if I can some guys together I’d like to play some Borderlands, too. Nothing new but still a lot to play.

What are you going to play this weekend?


  1. Despite TDU2’s pretty-much broken game, I still play it and will be playing it this weekend, but not until I take another crack at the Dragon Age 2 demo.

    And I’m always down for Borderlands, 360 or PC.

  2. Bulletstorm, Radiant Historia and The Witcher, with a pinch of WoW and Minecraft thrown in for good measure.

    Lots of fun from all over the spectrum if I have my way this weekend!

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