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So I’ve been putting in a lot of time with Torchlight on the Xbox 360 (a post is forthcoming) and I started to notice that I have a distinct looting “style.” So I was wondering, what type of looter are you?

Me, I’m a wait until the inventory is full before I delve in. I don’t know why. Sometimes I wait until I’ve reached the end of a level. But whatever comes first, of course. I identify everything magic, equip what I can wear and send everything to town to be sold. I know that is mostly specific to Torchlight since I can send my pet back to town loaded up with all the extra loot to

Do you immediately inspect the item as soon as you pick it up? Or do you wait until your inventory fills up to examine your booty? Or do you even pick everything up? Do you just ignore everything you already know you won’t use and just grab what suits your fancy?


  1. I immediately replace one items with a better one. Sometimes, decided which and what is agonizing.

    • Yeah deciding is always the hardest. “I can save this for me alt.” “I might need this later.” “I really like the plus 50 health but I’ll miss the plus 5% magic find.”

      It ain’t easy being a loot hoarder.

  2. I played a lot of Torchlight on the PC, and my storage is full of junk that I may never use — lots of gems, semi-useful weapons, a few pieces of armor, etc. etc.

    But to be honest, I love all of the variations. The more loot variety, the more better?

    Do you remeber the game ‘Fate’? I walked around with a magic cheesehead helmet for weeks because it helped me get better loot. And it looked awesome.

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