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In My (Digital) Hands

Guys, I think I may have made a terrible decision. After reading a quick post about Terraria, I figured it was worth a look-see. I glossed over the comparison of this game being like a “2D Minecraft.” I have avoided Minecraft because of how addicting I’ve heard it is. Turns out Terraria might be in the same addictive realm.

I am so doomed.

Super Mario Soda Display

I’ve seen some cool grocery store soda displays (mostly football oriented) but this one is very impressive:

(via @darrenrovell)

Kung Fu Tetris

Decidedly Light Content

The worst kind of blog post is the “apology for the lack of updates” post. Even worse than that is the one that states how much the blogger hates those kinds of posts and then goes on to post one. I guess this post is even worse than that.

Content at the site has been lacking here recently for a multitude of reasons. The main culprit most recently being Torchlight and Portal 2. I guess for a gaming blog, that qualifies as a good thing. But usually I would post my impressions and thoughts as I went along and I haven’t really done that lately. I’d like to get back to those kind of posts but they take time (which is always in short supply).

I am also behind on the monthly releases post. I know those are appreciated so I’ll try to get May’s list up soon.

I feel like I’m at a crossroad of sorts for the blog. I’m not sure what the future holds for I still have ideas for some posts that I want to write that I think are relevant and interesting. But mostly I want to get back to “blogging” — posting short posts with links to things I think you, my faithful and long suffering readers, would enjoy. I still think there is a lot of interesting stuff out there in our gaming world. Maybe you see all the same things I do. That’s okay. We can still get together and discuss things here.

If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it. Here’s to continued blogging!