Happy Belated Birthday and Weekend Gamer

For two years running now, I have neglected to mention the SEVENTH anniversary of Buttonmashing Dot Com. Frequency (and frankly, quality) of the posts has declined gradually over the last few years but we’re still chugging along here. Thanks to all you guys who read and all you guys who have pitched in with posting and reviews. I couldn’t have done it without you!

This weekend is a big holiday weekend for my fellow Americans. Do you have any big gaming plans? Since we’ll be travelling for some of it, I don’t have too much planned outside of mobile gaming. I may finally make some progress on Dragon Quest IX, having let it lay fallow for a few months now. Past that, I don’t know what I’ll get to.

One thing I am trying to do is avoid the Steam Summer Sale. I’m weak.

Do you have any gaming plans this weekend?


  1. Look at that, I let the birthday pass by without saying anything. Shame on me! I don’t remember how I spent buttonmashing’s birthday, but I can guarantee games were played and cheap Steam games were purchased. 🙂

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