In My Digital Hands

So I had heard good things about Bastion from people I trust so I figured I’d pick up a copy as soon as I got a chance. Luck would have it that if you purchased it on the Microsoft Store online, you also got a free copy of The Maw:

And speaking of good deals, I also picked this up last week when it was half off:

Got to get my Dead Rising on whenever I can.

So I am once again stock piling games. I only grabbed a couple games during the Summer Steam sale, but I’m starting to get my inventory stocked before the cold rolls in in a few months.


  1. Wait. I purchased mine on I didn’t see anything about the Maw free?

    I love Bastion. My life needs a narrator.

  2. Bah. The Microsoft store is different from

    • Yeah I was not a fan of this tactic. I was hesitant to purchase it through the online store because it just felt wrong. I thought I was going to be buying some non-existent PC version or something.

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