DQ IX’s Marathon Man

I recently located my previously-believed-to-be-lost cartridge of Dragon Quest IX. I loaded it back up and gave it a go just to keep my familiarity with the game fresh before it goes dormant again for another month or two when I pick it up to play it again for another couple hours and set it aside once again.

Anyway, I noticed that I had logged about 40 hours in the game. That’s quite a few hours for any game, but DQIX has a lot to do and see so it’s not uncommon for gamers to log quite a few hours playing it. But my 40 plus hours? That’s nothing:

Steve Tolin has been playing since the beginning, plucking away at the cartridge’s every nook and cranny. The last quest finally allowed him to complete his ultimate objective of exploring every part of the game.

He had originally projected this ambitious task to take him 100 hours. As it turned out, not quite.

It took him 773 hours–just over 32 days–of game time to cross the 100% completion threshold.

(via Giant Bomb)


  1. I stopped after getting wolloped by the final boss and that was with about 75 hours under my belt. I know someone who has about 400 hours on his save file but was in awe of the 773 hours that Tolin put into the game.

    I like that he spent about… a minute with multiplayer.

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