Weekend Gaming

Games, games every where but not a lot of time to play them. This past couple weeks the Buttonmashing Homestead has been a beehive of activity as we got ready to unload eight years worth of accumulated “stuff” in a garage sale. We were successful in getting rid of about 75% of it, with the rest going to Goodwill. We now have an empty basement and a feeling of accomplishment. But last weekend didn’t leave too much time for gaming. This week, however, we’ve been kid-free as they enjoy their last bit of summer vacation at their grandparents’ house while Mrs. Buttonmasher and I have a few days to ourselves. Which means, after the honey-do list is done, MORE GAMING!

So what have I been playing? I finding myself on a small screen (compared to my 50″ Samsung) and an even smaller screen than that. On the PC, I’ve been playing with a couple free-to-play (I have decided to eschew the F2P acronym that I despise) — Age Of Empires Online and League of Legends. I played in the Age beta but I’m a complete newbie to League of Legends (another acronym I refuse to use) and I’m not sold on it yet. I’ve played the tutorial twice and the first training battle twice and I’m not quite sure I get it. Yet, at least. I’m giving it a fair shake, though. I’m TheGreenDestiny if you want to play. I’m also playing a few iPhone games. I still can’t give up Tiny Tower, I’m loving Groove Coaster, and I’m trying to make a go at Trade Nations.

And I think I’ll finally settle in to some 360 gaming this weekend. I still have Bastion and Crysis 2 to play. What are you playing this weekend?


  1. I like LoL a lot of my friends play it but I just want DotA 2 to come out 🙁

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