Weekend Gaming

So there are literally a dozen great games I could be playing right now. Of course, Gamefly didn’t help out. Instead of sending something new, I get stuck with Tiger Woods. I’d rather be playing Rage or Forza 4. But truth is, I’m knee deep in Fallout New Vegas, and it’s all I really care to play at the moment. Things have really interesting really quickly in this game. I’ve got tons of quests and I’m playing this completely different than how I play Fallout 3. I’m really enjoying the year old Fallout New Vegas. So I think I’ll be playing a lot of that this weekend. And maybe a round or two of Tiger Woods 12.

What are you playing?


  1. I’ve fallen head over heels in love again with Demon’s Souls. I spent almost every waking minute yesterday playing it.

    I’ve concidered firing up New Vegas again, since I refuse to buy Skyrim until I’ve finished NV, but with Batman, Uncharted and AC:R coming out shortly, I’ll save NV for the winter.

    So I’ll be playing Demon’s Souls, Orcs Must Die (such a silly, fun game) and probably some Solatorobo: Red The Hunter on the DS to bide the time till Bats shows up.

    • So no Dark Souls yet? Because I’m really intrigued by that game but never played Demon Souls. I can’t afford another game right now, because I’d really like to see FNV through the end. It’s been a really good time. But, like you said, Skyrim looms on the horizon.

      I don’t know where Batman fits in there.

  2. Aliens Infestation and I love it.

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