In (both of) My Hands


Guys! What is wrong with me? I don’t have time to play all these games! What happens when Skyrim comes out? Help me!

So what game do I start with? I’m thinking Dark Souls. You don’t eat the main course before the soul-crushing appetizer, right?


  1. You play Demon Souls? If not I bet you’ll go to Batman. It takes a special person to whip yourself digitally.

    My PS3 overheated today. I have to wait to repair it tomorrow. So I am the only video gamer in the world not playing BAC

    • No, I never played Demon Souls, just heard about it. Also heard about how demanding Dark Souls was. I played about an hour of Dark Souls and I think I like where it was going. But…

      BAC is going to be the bee’s knees. I’m sorry about your PS3. Couldn’t happen at a worse time šŸ™

  2. Oh man. Stick with Bats first. Dark Souls will be the game you work on over the next two, painful, years.

    I’m just now, two years after buying it, finally getting my head wrapped around Demon’s Souls. I have played a little of Dark Souls but it made me cry.

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