Weekend Gaming

Guess which game I’ll be playing this weekend!

Actually, I think I’m getting really close to finishing Batman: Arkham City. The ride has been fun, and while I have left a lot of the side missions unfinished, I’m too involved in the main story to notice. I say to myself “I’ll go back and do those later,” but I know that’s not true. I never do. I’ll probably go back to Fallout: New Vegas when I finish up with Batman. Who knows how much further I’ll make it in FNV. Skyrim is just around the corner. Poor Dark Souls.

What will you be playing this weekend?

(For more pics of the awesome Batman costume above, check out Comics Alliance)


  1. It was going to be Batman, but now it may be traveling for a funeral.

    Oh, I will do EVERYTHING in that game.

  2. I JUST finished Batman: AC a couple of minutes ago. I have a bunch of sidequests left to finish up (I hope the NG+ option justs opens up the city and lets me fart about looking for stuff… if these credits ever end…)

    With Batman done and Uncharted 3 still 3-4 days away, I’ll probably just work on the newest Professor Layton game, maybe play some of the original Uncharted… who knows.

    Oh, hey. I forgot that I still had another Catwoman mission to go! Woo! The game’s not over yet!

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