Weekend Gaming

Winter has finally settled in around here in Central Ohio, so it’s perfect gaming weather. Unfortunately, it’s also birthday season around these parts so I haven’t had a ton of gaming time. But I’m hoping to get something in this weekend.

My time has been mostly spent in Skyrim. I’m nearing the 110 hour mark (gulp) and I’ve been enjoying this game thoroughly. I imagine my time will be spent this weekend playing that. I also started playing Orcs Must Die on my new laptop and have been grinning ear to ear as I watch my spring traps launch orcs into acid baths. This game is a riot. When I only have that moment or two available for a game, I’ve been absorbed with Puzzlejuice, Temple Run, TripleTown and Hero Academy on the iPhone. (I’m i_aint_yer_pa on Hero Academy if you want to play a game!)

What will you be playing this weekend?

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