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barbaro-skull-helmThe weekend approaches and I have a pile of games I’d like to play. Sounds perfect, right? How about, then, my TV goes on the fritz. Right before the Olympics and right before my perfect weekend of gaming. Just so you know, this sort of thing pretty much only happens to me. You’re probably safe. You’re TV will be just fine.

Mine? Well, I’ll be calling a service center tomorrow morning with the hopes that he can squeeze me in some time tomorrow. If that’s happens and everything gets fixed, I’ll be working on my NCAA 13 Dynasty and making some progress toward the end of Mass Effect 3. And watching lots of the Olympics.

If that doesn’t happen (it won’t) I will just have to turn to my PC for some entertainment. I’m currently stuck in Act IV Nightmare in Diablo 3, having a tough go against Rakanoth so I’m not exactly anxious to get stomped repeatedly by him. I may call on some of my more powerful friends to help me with him, but we’ll see. I have some new shiny games purchased during the Summer Steam Sale, so I may dive into some of them. The possibilities are limitless!

What will you be playing?


  1. Ive not played Diablo in a month. You are at Nightmare already?

    As for me, I’ll be seeing DKR today and then it’s Dyad, Warhammer 40k (free on playstation +), and a second play through of The Walkind Dead (my GOTY so far).

    • What did you think of DKR? I’d like to have a spoiler laden discussion with you guys on some aspects of it.

      I am really kicking myself for not grabbing TWD in the Steam Sale. I have heard so many good things about it…

    • Oh and yes, I have a high powered friend who may have accelerated my introduction into Nightmare in Diablo. And I finally took down Rakanoth, after figuring out that a certain build allowed me to cheese him to death. Felt a little like cheating.

  2. My TV is working just fine. Thanks for the assurance! I hope that the family CFO will give me the go-ahead to purchase Dyad this weekend so I can play it on our perfectly functioning TV. Regardless, I’ll more than likely continue my RAGE campaign and maybe just maybe start a new grand campaign in Europa Universalis III as a Byzantine minority or something.

    • Rage? As in the much-maligned post-apocalyptic FPS from id? Any good?

      And I cleverly bypassed my no-TV situation by hooking the Xbox up to my computer monitor. 24″ at 3 feet is about the same as 50″ and 15 feet, right? Unfortunately, the resolution mismatch made for a little blurriness, but when it’s all you got, it’s better than nothing.

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