Weekend Gaming

So, after I transformed into Albert Freaking Einstein and fixed the color wheel on my TV, I am back in business when it comes to the console world. I had a little workaround while my TV was out of commission, using my PC monitor to connect to the Xbox 360, but since my monitor’s resolution was 1920×1200, things looked a little muddy. It will be nice to get back to my normal operations, though, because I had made a bit of progress in Mass Effect 3 and I really want to finish that up. I don’t like leaving the galaxy in the lurch like that!

But, with the Xbox not being an attractive option these past couple weeks, I’ve also taken to a bit of “snacking” from my Steam Library, playing a bit of Age of Empires Online and Defense Grid: The Awakening.

So now my weekend gaming battle station is again fully operational. So I’ll be doing a little bit of everything this weekend.

What are you going to play?

UPDATE: I just noticed that Hero Academy just launched on Steam, so I’ll be adding that to my weekend gaming, starting: NOW.


  1. Here we go…

    I’ve been super busy the month of July and well into this month. It’s time for some Orcs Must Die! 2, Dyad, LEGO Batman 2 (with the boys) and Age of Empires III (from the Steam sale).

    …and then there is more 10000000 on my iPad. I hate that game, but love it.

    • I have been tempted multiple times by OMD2 but I’ve held off so far. Have you played co-op?

      I also just updated this post because Hero Academy just launched on Steam. Time to give that a try!

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