Borderlands 2 is almost here!

I’m posting this again because: A) I am super pumped about Borderlands 2 next month and B) I unironically love dubstep.


  1. I have avoided EVERYTHING about this game other than going thought the process of preordering and even that was via proxy.

    I still play Borderlands 1. I own it on everything and have played through it on everything.

    Oh, also the first game will be free for PSN+ members at the start of next month.

  2. Wait. What system are you getting this on? I am on Steam.

  3. I’ll most likely be getting it on the 360. There are a few of us who ran through BL1 together (even though we never finished it) so I want to keep our merry band of vault hunters together.

    That being said, I could totally see myself picking this up in the Christmas Steam sale 🙂

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