Weekend Gaming

The fall is upon and the deluge of good gaming is about the crest over the breakers and flood us with warm gaming goodness. But for now, it’s the calm before the storm.

I’ll be entertaining family visitors this weekend, but that hasn’t put a cramp in my gaming style before so this weekend shouldn’t be any different. I am getting really close to the end of Mass Effect 3 and have, above all obstacles, managed to avoid any spoilers to the ending. So with it this close, why did I download the latest DLC? And why does it always seem to be voodoo magic to get the DLC to actually be recognized in game? Either way, ME3 is my focus this weekend. That and whatever else Steam tries to sell me.

What will you be playing?



    For $9 and released in 15 minutes you should be playing this.

    Next week, don’t be bothering me. Borderlands 2.

    • Yes, I have heard so many good things about FTL. 9$ is very tempting, but I’d really like to get ME3 done, because like you, I’ll be knee deep in BL2 next week.

      Can. Not. Wait.

  2. Diablo III… on your laptop.

  3. I am looking forward to Hitman: Absolution and Halo 4 and my still unopened copy of Mass Effect 3. I am in the same boat as you but with ME2, I am very close to the end. It takes me forever to beat those games because I can’t play them with the wife and kids around. I enjoy the story so much that anything but my undivided attention is not doing it justice. So this week is (hopefully) ME2 time.

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